Kenzo Ramen stands out from other Japanese noodle restaurants for its uniqueness of each and every dish. Our restaurant’s trademark stems from its renowned noodles that are made in house on a daily basis. The thin Japanese noodles are designed to have the perfect texture, which combined with our hearty broth, creates a taste that keeps you longing for more.

Our ramen broth is a mixture of dried seafood, chicken, and pork bone ingredients which is stewed for over 24 hours, creating that rich and unforgettable taste we are so proud to share. The broth makes the ramen warm, healthy and enjoyable all around the year and especially during the cold weather. All of our ramen sauces are made in-house and fermented for a period of 3 months to provide a distinctive taste and wonderful aroma.

We also carry special ramen dishes that cannot be found in any other restaurants in Toronto. Traditionally, ramen shops tend to specialize and serve only one or two types of ramen but here at Kenzo, we offer a plentiful variety of different types of ramen from different regions of Japan to cater to the taste buds of our considerably multicultural citizens of Toronto. Even with the modernization and introduction of fusion food methodologies through the creation of new ramen dishes that have recently hit North America, the founders of Kenzo Ramen have proudly made it their choice to stick to serving ramen that have been around for years on end.

Kenzo Ramen has been serving Japanese noodles in Toronto since its establishment in 2003. Currently we have 5 locations in the greater Toronto area, as well as shops set up in Mississauga, Waterloo, St. Catharines, London, Hamilton, and Oakville. Many thanks to all of our guests who have dined with us throughout the years, your continued support is something we are especially grateful for.