COVID and our maturity

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재능마켓 One of my past directors used to say, 'I don't worry about you. You are quite mature'.I think the one word 'mature' is a conglomerate of many qualities. Some say that we gain maturity with age. However, not everyone agrees. And when we face a situation like the pandemic, our maturity put to test.There are three 영업DB aspects of maturity that comes with ageing. First is our physical health. There are various risk factors as we age. Diet, exercise and timely medical check-ups can manage the age-related risks. The CSIR cohort study is an excellent step as such studies enhance our health. The bottom line is to avoid delays in identifying complex medical 마케팅기업 conditions.The second aspect is mental health, a neglected subject. Individuals have to take care of the mental being of self and others. Institutions should also have policies to monitor mental health and foster an environment of mental health wellness. The HRD of CSIR is doing an excellent job imparting skills and knowledge through its programmes.The third 자동문자발송 aspect of maturity is spiritual development. Generally, spirituality doesn't figure in the world of rigorous scientific work. There is incomplete understanding of spiritual development. At a spiritual level we need to accept that changes are inevitable.Maturity is accepting these and other facts of life. The pandemic enforced many changes, including working from home for an extended 앱스토어 검색 period. We adapted.The bottom line is that maturity is not automatic. It requires hard work, and it takes effort to stay mature as it is a composition of many qualities. A mature disposition can help us wind our way through the pandemicStay healthy, wealthy and happy!S. Ramachandran Chief Scientist, CSIR-IGIB

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